• [documentary, length: 100 seconds] in two different sections:

– Built Projects, Completion date must be after 01/Jan/2010 (Movie only)
– Concept Project (3D Presentation- Animation)

  • Movies between 10 sec to 5 minutes in length
  • Movies between 5 to 15 minutes in length

(Each classification will be judged separately)

The movies can be presented to the award based on the following themes:


  • A story-line with an emphasis on a compelling work of architecture with social, cultural, economical, humanitarian and geographical sphere of influence and the use of modern technology to design cities.
  • Documentaries about the lives and works of architects, urban planners, social researcher and theoretician in relation to architecture.
  • Truly alive and Adaptive Cities.
  • Progressive, happy and socio – economically dynamic city live.

Note: In accordance to the regulation of the award’s organization in regards to the In judgment process, the categories will be made [After the submissions] If organizer and jury members decide that it needs.

Judgment Criteria

1- Architectural Significance: (%65) Quality, Creativity, Innovation and Originality of:

  • Diversity of Design Ideologies and Methodologies
  • Cultural diversity – definition
  • Social Responsibility & Urban Connectivity
  • Social Sensivity
  • Contextual Analysis
  • Conceptualization and design
  • Advanced Technologies
  • Sense of place and ecology
  • Relationship between architecture and movie industry (Architect, Urban Designer and Director)
  • Sensing the Economical Condition at the City and Offering Solution.
  • Create multi layers unity: intellectual, cultural, humanistic and spiritual.

2- Movie Significance: technical & aesthetics aspects and the Quality of the movie (%35)

Quality, Creativity and Originality of:

  •  Visual Creativity
  • Cinematography
  • Music, Sound Design and Soundtrack
  • Editing
  • Composition Skills

Note: additional features will be noted for animated and documentary movies.


  • Applicants will have to register for each category they enter.
  • Each applicant is allowed to register more than once in each category.
  • Registration for the award can be done online
  • Enrollment fee for 2A City – Architecture Movie Award is 99 EURO

Entry Eligibility

  • This award is open to anyone, in particular, Architects and Directors.
  • All entries and the content of them must be original and be authored by one individual/group.

Note1: English is the official language of this competition.

Note2: 2A Magazine [as organizer] is not responsibel for the ideas content presented in the 2A City- Architecture Movie Award. The participants are solely responsible.

The architects, directors, filmmakers of the awards’ participants are responsible for movie’s content and ideas, pictures, recording & shooting and all the other parameters.


  • The top five movies in each section of the award will receive honorary medals and certificates in the ceremony.
  • All top five of each category will be displayed separately in the day of the ceremony.
  • The Report of the ceremony and ideas of selected movies will be published in 2A Magazine and other platforms.
  • The winners will receive trophies and certificates as a praise of their works.
  • Three winners from all categories will also receive the trophies of the award