The awards’ advantages

Movies as a Power to Reinterpret the city

Not only cities preserve images of their own culture and ways of life, but film can also preserve both the time of its making and the time that it represents. Movie becomes similar with the discourses o archaeology when it assumes the role of preserving the city, its life, society.

Movie as a Valuable Instrument to Convey the City’s Visions and Desires.

The real city is the physical entity, the mass of people and their constructs. The dream city is a mythic city created by Movie holding the real city’s charisma, rich in memory and that for many can resemble the real city. Sanders holds that the filmic or mythic city is more than a mirror of the real city, rather it is a statement of urban presence and greatness.

Movie as a vehicle for documenting and portraying the city.

Through Movie we are able to walk in created environments or to explore and document the effects of buildings on society, and urban settings. Film is an invaluable instrument for the quasi-perceptual experience of the city – it enables us with an almost first person contacting with the city. Also in Movie, architecture and the city can be used cinematically in different ways with the intent of creating an experience derived by cinematic images; interplay between architecture and the characters that live in the city.