A Note from Shahram Jafari Nejad

The concept of urbanism is synonymous with civilization.In the process of globalization, we are responsible to determine our share of the world and cinema can act effectively as an important media in building our Utopia.

 The city itself, is not just a bundle of buildings and streets, but beyond which is a complex of cultural, social and economic symbols.From this viewpoint, architecture and cinema, both can be regarded as embodiment of the identity of their region.Attention to national and local components in architecture and cinema determines a part of our contribution to global culture.In fact, the city should, in its original sense, be the reflection of the history of community and part of this message is fulfilled through the preservation and updating of architecture via cinema.A city with a diversity of personal, social, moral, cultural, political, and economic conventions can be a suitable place for human creativity….. And in this competition, we will host a wide range of cinema and architecture enthusiasts from all over the world to record memorabilia of cities and regions with different cultures.