A Note from Rakhshan Banietemad

Architecture and cinema, both, create and shape types of live spaces. As the buildings and communities represent the type of dominant culture and life style at a particular time, cinema acts also as a cultural calendar which illustrates the time and location of its stories. 

While the fundamental features of architecture, including the structure, space, location, scale, and light, can be found in any cinematic representation, architecture and cinema both are always a mixture of imaginary and real spaces of our lives. Since the material space is tangled together with feeling, memory, dream, fear and hopes, as we experience it in our daily lives, the artistic value of the prominent architectural and cinematic works are not just in their material nature but also missioned to awaken imagination and emotions of the audience. A valued building and a precious film, both help us to better understand history, culture and time….
In this competition we are about to understand and value the existential unity of both industries from the view point of their lovers.
In fact, precise observation of an architectural work, or an urban complex, is considered as a strong self-experience which contributes to promote universal culture and enables us to implement past experiences to build a better future.